The Panorama Prenatal Genetics & Fetal Medicine Centre was established in 2001 with one aim, to provide the best in Fetal Medicine. Your baby’s care does not begin at birth but right from the time of conception.

During the past 2 decades the fetus has become a patient in his or her own right. We have learned that fetal ultrasound should be offered to every pregnant mother. As specialists of Fetal Medicine, we are giving you an expert evaluation of your baby’s development from early pregnancy until birth, monitoring the growth & development of the fetus. We also know that most fetal birth defects, while rare, occur in the low risk population and therefore genetic screening tests should be explained and offered to all parents.

The best 2D, 3D & 4D Ultrasound Technology (GE-Voluson 730 Expert) is available and we are able to perform the most up to date and extensive fetal assessment.  We receive referrals from primary care physicians for our specialist opinion and have patients referred  from all over South Africa, Africa and overseas.

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